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Deselected Library Items  

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Deselected library items - S Print Page

S - Deselected Library Items - Fall 2015

LC Classification "S" - AGRICULTURE

The following materials are being considered for withdrawal from the library collection.

The primary criteria used for deselection of the books included:

1) Book has had only one or no library use or circulation in at least the past 10 years.

2) Book has a copyright date prior to 1961.

3) Book is not a "classic" or award-winning book to the library's knowledge.


If you have comments, questions, or concerns about anything on this list, please contact Sandy Rosado ( by 10/30/15.


Title, Author, Year, Call Number

Agricultural journalism , Crawford  Nelson Antrim  1888-,1926,S1.A1 C65

Report of the Council of FAO (6th), Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Council,,S401.U6 A29

Report of the Council of FAO (7th) ,Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Council,,S401.U6 A29

Report of the Council of FAO (8th), Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Council,,S401.U6 A29

Report of the Council of FAO (9th), Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Council,,S401.U6 A29

National progress in food and agriculture programs, an analysis of 1948 progress and program reports of member governments submitted in compliance with article XI of the constitution of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations,Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations,1948,S401.U6 N3

Big Hugh, the father of soil conservation , Brink  Wellington  1895-,1951,S417.B36 B7

The autobiography of Arthur Young , Young  Arthur  1741-1820,1898,S417.Y6A2

Plough and pasture, Curwen  E. Cecil (Eliot Cecil)  1895-,1946,S419.C8

History of agriculture in the southern United States to 1860 , Gray  L. C,1941,S445.G73 1941 v.1-2

From my experience , Bromfield  Louis  1896-1956,1955,S451.O3 B7

The evolution of the English farm , Seebohm  M. E. (Mabel Elizabeth),1952,S455.C45 1952

English farming  past and present, Prothero  Rowland E. (Rowland Edmund)  Baron Ernle  1851-1937,1927,S455.E7 1927

The origins of farming in Russia, Smith  R. E. F. (Robert E. F.),1959,S471.R8 S6

A sense of humus , Damon  Bertha Clark,1943,S521.D115

Neither hay nor grass, Gould  John  1908-2003,1951,S521.G67

The arts workshop of rural America , Patten  Marjorie,1937,S533.P28

Soil development, Faulkner  Edward H. (Edward Hubert)  1886-1964,1952,S596.7.F37

Garden soils , Beaumont  Arthur Bishop  1887-,1948,S596.75.B4

Ecological crop geography , Klages  Karl Henry William  1898-,1942,S600.K55

Soil conservation, Kohnke  Helmut  1901-1991,1959,S623.K56

Our plundered planet, Osborn  Fairfield  1887-1969,1948,S623.O8 1948

Food or famine , Shepard  Ward  1887-1959,1945,S623.S53

Soil conservation, Stallings  James Henry,1957,S623.S73

Efficient use of fertilizers, Ignatieff  Vladimir,1949,S633.I3

The century of the reaper , McCormick  Cyrus  1890-1970,1931,S695.M3

A conservation handbook, Ordway  Samuel H.  Jr.  1900-1971,1949,S930.O73 1949

Propagation of horticultural plants ,Adriance  G. W. (Guy Webb)  1895-,1955,SB119.A3 1955

Hormones and horticulture , Avery  George S. (George Sherman)  1903-,1947,SB128.A94 1947

The hybrid-corn makers , Crabb  A. Richard (Alexander Richard)  1911-,1947,SB191.M2 C79

Proceedings of the Sixth International Grassland Congress :,International Grassland Congress (6th : 1952 : State College  Pa.),1953?],SB193.I57 1952 v.1-2

The soybean , Piper  Charles V. (Charles Vancouver)  1867-1926,1943,SB205.S7 P5

Manioc in Africa, Jones  William O,1959,SB211.C3 J6

Our native cacti , Higgins  Ethel Bailey  1866-,1931,SB317.C2 H5

How to grow annuals , Robbins  Ann Roe  1905-2000,1949,SB405.R58

Annuals , Hay  Roy,1950,SB422.H35 1950

The book of bulbs ,Rockwell  F. F. (Frederick Frye)  1884-1976,1928,SB425.R6 1928

The Cultivated evergreens , 1930  c1923,SB435.B35 1930

Trees for American gardens, Wyman  Donald  1903-,1951,SB435.W92 1951

Pioneering with wildflowers , Aiken  George D. (George David)  1892-1984,1935,SB439.A5 1935


Collection Development Policy

Continuous review of the library collections is a standard part of any library's collection management process. More information about the Smith Library's policies on review and deselection can be found in the library's Collection Development Policy at


More S - Deselected Library Items - Fall 2015

More LC Classification "S" - AGRICULTURE


Title, Author, Year, Call Number

New flower arrangements, Hine  Annabel Whitney Baggaley  1886-,1936,SB449.H53

Thomas Jefferson's Garden book 1766-1824 ,Jefferson  Thomas  1743-1826,1944,SB479.J4

Biological and chemical control of plant and animal pests , American Association for the Advancement of Science. Section on Agriculture,1960,SB599.A52 1957

Control of organisms , Fitzpatrick  Frederick L. (Frederick Linder)  1900-1976,1940,SB601.F5

The plant doctor , Westcott  Cynthia  1898-1983,1940,SB601.W4 1940

Weeds of lawn and garden,Fogg  John M. (John Milton)  1898-1982,1945,SB611.F6

Plant pathology,Walker  J. C. (John Charles)  1893-1994,1957,SB731.W235 1957

Insects & human welfare , Brues  Charles T. (Charles Thomas)  1879-1955,1947,SB931.B7 1947

Methods of insect control, Isely  Dwight  1887-1974,1949 [c1946-47],SB931.I76 1946b

Destructive and useful insects, Metcalf  C. L. (Clell Lee)  1888-1948,1951,SB931.M45 1951

The gardener's bug book , Westcott  Cynthia  1898-1983,1946,SB931.W44

Principles of insect pathology, Steinhaus  Edward A. (Edward Arthur)  1914-1969,1949,SB942.S77

Modern insecticides and world food production, Gunther  Francis A,1960,SB951.G852

DDT and the insect problem, Leary  James Cornelius  1900-,1946,SB952.D2 L4

The nation's forests ,DuPuy  William Atherton  1876-1941,1938,SD143.D85

The great forest, Lillard  Richard Gordon  1909-1990,1947,SD143.L5

The people's forests, Marshall  Robert  1901-1939,1933,SD143.M35

The history of land use in the Harvard forest  /,Raup  Hugh M. (Hugh Miller)  1901-1995,1941,SD358.8.M4 R3 1941

Green glory , Baker  Richard St. Barbe  1889-1982,1949,SD373.B33 1949

Burning an empire , Holbrook  Stewart H.  1893-1964,1943,SD421.3.H65 1943

Harvesting timber crops,  Wackerman  A. E. (Albert Edward)  1897-1980,1949,SD538.W3

Animals and man , Cansdale  George Soper,1953,SF84.3.C25 1953

Breeding livestock adapted to unfavorable environments ,Phillips  Ralph W.  1909-,1948,SF105.P45

Breeding and improvement of farm animals , Rice  Victor Arthur  1890-1964,1951,SF105.R5 1951

The Colorado range cattle industry , Peake  Ora Brooks  1883-,1937,SF196.U5 P35 1935

The cattlemen's frontier , Pelzer  Louis  1879-1946,1936,SF196.U5 P4

Standard methods for the examination of dairy products , American Public Health Association,1960,SF253.A5 1960

Shepherd's empire , Towne  Charles Wayland  1875-,1945,SF376.T6

Fish ponds for the farm, Edminster  Frank C. (Frank Custer)  1903-,1947,SH157.85.F52 E3

The wilderness hunter , Roosevelt  Theodore  1858-1919,1910,SK45.R76 1910

Hunting the grisly and other sketches , Roosevelt  Theodore  1858-1919,1910  c1893,SK45.R78 1910b

Sport in classic times , Butler  Alfred Joshua  1850-1936,1930,SK203.B87 1930

Denatured Africa , Streeter  Daniel W. (Daniel Willard)  1883-1964,1926,SK255.B8 S75

The England of Nimrod and Surtees  1815-1854,Bovill  E. W,1959,SK285.B7

Wildlife management, Trippensee  Reuben Edwin  1894-1997,1948-53,SK353.T75

Wildlife refuges , Gabrielson  Ira Noel  1889-1977,1943,SK357.G3

The land and wildlife, Graham  Edward H. (Edward Harrison)  1902-1966,1947,SK361.G7

Outdoor hazards real and fancied, Hood  Mary V.  1901-,1955,SK601.H647

Education through school camping , Manley  Helen,1952,SK601.M25

Extending education through camping , New York (N.Y.). Board of Education,1948],SK601.N6 1948


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